Behind-the-Wheel (BTW)

To start your Behind-the-Wheel Lessons, you need to:

  1. Complete your Driver's Ed Classroom program (see our Classroom page for details).
  2. Pass your written permit test at a DMV testing location.
  3. Start practicing driving with a licensed adult.

What to expect from your BTW Lessons?

Lessons take place during three separate days, for 2 hours each session. Students will drive 6 hours with a licensed instructor to gain a White Card which allows teens to take their Road Test at a DMV testing location. The instruction takes place in an insured and dual controlled car.

Behind the Wheel

Our BTW lessons are individualized to meet unique student needs.  BTW instruction will start from the student’s residence (within a 10-mile radius of Dundas), or the student’s school. Services are available from the following schools:

  • Alternative Learning Center of Northfield
  • Arcadia Charter School
  • Northfield High School
  • Carleton College- Pick up at Sayles 
  • St. Olaf College- Pick up at Buntrock 

Currently we are not taking students who did not take Classroom from us.  BTW students under 18 are required to provide a "Letter of Completion" from the classroom service provider (unless the student took classroom from us).  This can be obtained by contacting the agency and requesting it.   

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